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How Gold Nuggets save everyone money

John The Anti-Poverty Engineer's Back-up Gold Nugget
Super Multi-Business No-Name Certificates Never Expire,
Store Listings may change or expire but not the coupons.
Directory can only grow so leave Gold Nuggets in your will!

Timeline of Topics:
1:30 No unused "No-Name No-Waste" coupon with Directory
of businesses with deals has no unused coupons.
All may be redeemed in your one favorite store, none wasted.
3:50 Listing may expire but coupons do not.
5:00 400 businesses per page
5:45 FREE for merchants so whole budget to discounts, none to printing!
8:00 Ottawa Directory of 1,000 Stores and Deals
8:30 John's Day of Savings comic strip
10:45 John's permanent 1,000% saving on investment, $500/year
15:30 Big Dollar Savings in 200 Categories of stores
21:30 Find deals by Directory or Decals
22:20 Toronto 100-store network
22:40 Directory posted online now, publish only coupons
23:30 Contract for new listings also offers removal from list.
25:00 Less Sales Tax, less Income Tax, less interest costs
30:00 How to spend your Gold Nugget
31:40 Gold Nuggets rewarded for info cleaning list
32:00 Contract for new stores on and off.
33:00 Gold Nuggets will be published.